1996 Australian Car Audio Finals

1996 Australian Car Audio National Finals

The 1996 CAN finals where held at the Melbourne Exhibition Building on the 16th and 17th of March.
These are my snap-shots of the event, with more added once the car/car audio magazines print articles on it.

All of the major manufacturers were there, with large stands. This was at the end of the day, when the results ceremony was on, hence not many people in the shot.

Mmmmm... Clarion chick!
Sorry about darkness, I forgot to bring my Big Ass Flash (BAF®) - Sorry Honest!
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BMW 320i

The boot of a BMW 320i (E36) done by Strathfield Car Radios (Melbourne). Note the dinosaur model in the sub box, these seem to be the in things to do with with sub boxes in Melbourne - build models in them!
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Ford Falcon XR6

The boot of a Ford Falcon XR6 (EF) again with the models in the sub box. Again from Melbourne.
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Honda Accord

Alpine demo vehicle, equiped with Class-A amps, Ai-NET equipment including TV as pictured, and nice Alpine/Momo stering wheel with built in remote - I want one!
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Lotus Esprit S4

Yummy Yellow Pioneer Lotus Esprit S4.
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Honda Prelude VTi-R

My friend Christian's Honda Prelude VTi-R.
Honda Prelude VTi-R

The boot of the Prelude, with 2 Pheonix Gold amps mounted behind plexy glass to show internal organs complete with fan, and 2 Earthquake Subs mounted in a ported box.
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Toyota Corolla GTi

Toyota Corrola owned by Ivan from Perth, WA. Spot the Rockford Fosgate theme! Mounted in box is 2 10" Punch subs, and 2 RF amps. To the left is an Audiocontrol equalisier.
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Toyota Corolla GTi

The Corrola's sub box and amp rack fold up to reveil tools, capacitor, and the spare tyre.
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Alpine's Ai-NET Trans Am - modified to right-hand drive.
A Strathfield Car Radios prepared vehicle with a huge bank of capacitors.
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Mitsubishi Pajero

Clarion's Mitsubishi Pajero 4-Wheel drive, with a hell of a lot of speakers, and a LCD TV for amusement if locked in the back!
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Darn, where did that photo go????
Holden Barina

Pheonix Gold equiped Holden Barina demo vehicle.

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